Love Sabre

Yes, you are reading this correctly. I have a page on my website called Love Sabre!

Writing can be a long and lonely pursuit at times and sometimes it’s hard to keep the motivation flowing, especially when work/kids/life gets in the way.  The notion of tribe not an uncommon term and it’s quite on-trend to have one. For me, this is Love Sabre.

Sabrists - FACEBOOK Image

Seven women, writing in different genres who met at the 2015 Romance Writers of Australia conference and have been inseparable ever since. We clicked straight away and decided then and there that we were going to drag each other, kicking and screaming if we had to, along the pathway to publication. We encourage each other, critique stories, promote each other’s successes and have the most ridiculous GIF conversation you’ve ever seen. But most importantly, we have each others back.

We formalised Love Sabre after the 2015 AGM where we somehow delved deep into conversation about the terrible euphemisms and purple prose that romance is often mocked for. The following year, we decided to embrace the derision and publish a short story anthology featuring the worst phrase that came up in that conversation the previous year – sheathe your love sabre.

In 2017, we pitched our anthology to Boroughs Publishing Group and in 2018 our Sheathe Your Love Sabre anthology will be published!

Sheathe Your Love Sabre-2

For more of our story (including how we got our name!) and to meet the other Sabrists, head to or follow us via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram at @lovesabrewrites.