Published Works…

Spicy Bites 2017 – Tattoos is a short story anthology containing my first published story Silver Linings – squeee!

Corporate accountant Beth is relishing the opportunity to throw off old perceptions and push back against expectations as she dances her way to financial freedom at the exotic gentleman’s club, Masque, proving that sometimes, even the shittiest of situations can deliver the perfect silver lining.

Spicy Bites 2017 – Tattoos is available now! The cover is below!  Click here to purchase on Amazon (yes, something I have written is being sold on Amazon!)


Coming soon…

Sheath your Love Sabre is a short story anthology written by myself and my fellow Sabrists. You’ll be able to download it for free when you sign up to the Love Sabre newsletter and read seven fabulous stories featuring the eponymous Love Sabre... More information at

Sheathe Your Love Sabre - Cover - FINAL - PNG.png

Current Works in Progress…

Ideas and thoughts for stories are scattered all throughout my home.  Voice memos, note books, word documents in organised computer files, scraps of paper shoved in a basket – if I could translate all my thoughts into books I’d be a millionaire.  But for the moment, despite being footloose and fancy free as I travel the country with a hubby and two small children, I’m concentrating on two stories in particular and dabbling with as many as the urge strikes.

Six Days on the Road
Suffering the shock of losing her dad to a heart attack and having to pick up the pieces of what she thought was a thriving business, Drew is grateful for the offer of help from a handsome stranger who seems hellbent on running away from his past. But not everything, or everyone is as it seems as Drew traverses the remote outback roads of Western Australia.  With contracts drying up, staff quitting and endless breakdowns, it would appear that someone isn’t happy to see daddy’s girl at the helm of a trucking company.

A Dangerous Trade
Sabine has worked hard to shake off the mantle of trust fund baby that she’d earned in her youth and she’s finally been able to demonstrate that she can use her networks and family name for good and not just to get her up the front of the line at the newest club. But her most recent trip to Africa sees her playing with the bad boys and its going to take a lot more than money and her name to get out of this one.

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