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Growing up, I always wanted to be a writer. Well, that and a lawyer in the Navy; thank you, Tom Cruise. Alas, a fear of gigantic boats and rough seas saw me choose marketing over law, but my childhood dream of being an author never faded.

Many years later, I found time to return to creative writing and even better still, I somehow found my tribe – a group of insanely awesome women who like me, decided it was time to chase down that publishing dream. It’s so much easier to put yourself out there when someone’s got your back, don’t ya think?

Given we live in an age of fast moving social media and blatant self-promotion (right up my alley given my industry, yeah?) it’s now time to carve out a little spot for myself in the vastness that is the inter-web, and create my writerly website.  And with a surname like Sheriff, I figured why be a mere writer when I could be a word-slinger, producing works of imagination through my extraordinary and arresting wordsmithery – see what I did there, ya’ll?

Whilst I live in regional Victoria, I’m certainly no cowgirl, but every author needs to have a point of difference, right? So I make no apologies for the kitsch cowgirl imagery and cringe-worthy western puns. Yeehar!

Currently writing my first novel (which you’ll pleased to know is NOT a western), I  recently took some time-out from the rat race to travel around the country in a caravan with my two favourite little people and my truck-driving hubby.  However in years to come, I’m hoping to fill bookshelves around the world with copies of my awesome women’s fiction and romantic suspense, as well as pages in magazines covering various topics such as travel, the trials and tribulations of motherhood and even career stuff that I know a little bit about too.

I blog about my travels and life in general at A life like ours and hang out in all cool places online under @ nardiasheriff (insta & twitter) and @alifelikeours (insta, twitter & FB).

You can also find me putting my girl-power energies into supporting my tribe at and @lovesabrewrites (insta, twitter & FB).

So watch this space, and ya’ll come back now… ya hear! *bada-bum-ching*





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